ASAP Market Tightens Ship: WallStreetBets Banned

ASAP Market Banning
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ASAP Market has silently grown into one of the go-to marketplaces in the Western space, offering worldwide vendors and growing as a loved market. They aren’t perfect, but it seems that they are standing the test of time. The Darknet Market, which is more than three years old, is strong as ever, and its admin has taken drastic measures to keep their site as a top contender. This time they’re banning vendors who have started slacking. 

This includes two of the most popular Darknet Vendors,  WalllStreetBets and Winamax.

ASAP Market Taking Things Seriously

For the last few weeks ASAP Market has worked on their website and changed up a few things. One area they are focusing on now is their vendors. To ensure a consistent and true experience, the Darknet Marketplace is cleaning up old accounts and ending partnerships with those who do not bring value to their website. 

They seem to be focusing on a few primary issues, such as Vendors who don’t send the right products, fail to ship on time, or selectively scam some victims. But seem to have a greater focus that are putting ASAP customers at risk by silently selling Fentanyl. An opioid 50X stronger than Heroin. The team gave their vendors fair warning before the current ban wave took place. 

2 months ago, head ASAP Moderator “u/iceheap” created a Dread post focusing on the Fentanyl subject. 

Aptly titled “A friendly warning to all vendors !!” Iceheap layed out their plan. 

get rid of the fent before we get rid of you. A massive ban is coming soon.

We’re again receiving a good number of tickets about vending selling and mixing fent. It is strictly against the rules. We will be banning all vendors without even waiting for the evidences from the buyers. In other words, vendors have to prove that they don’t sell fent. The burden of proof is on the vendors.

Buyers, please provide the name of all vendors who have shipped fent to you. Help us getting rid of these vendors.

Make ASAP a safe place for everyone. 

ASAP Could Remove Opioids Altogether?

As a result, many came forward naming vendors like “DeepDotDope”, and “WallStreetBets” as vendors who added Fent into their orders. This posed an additional question, though… Why wouldn’t competitors fake out that other vendors are selling Fentanyl to gain an advantage?

ASAP Warns Vendors

“This will turn into a mess. Banning without evidence is just going to encourage vendors to report each other. Heroin vendors tend to exploit the system to fuck with the competition.”

To which the ASAP Market Admin replied that they would rather Disallow Heroin and Opioids as a means to ensure ASAP is not supporting the Fentanyl problem (a clear unpopular opinion in the DN community)

The warning took place two months back, but the crackdown just started.

ASAP Banning Bad Vendors

The ASAP Team took some time to ensure they made the right decisions before banning a well known dealer, perhaps one of the most popular darknet vendors, WallStreetBets. 

This particular dealer had been falling into a bad pattern over the last few months, ASAP flagged WallStreetBets as a potential hazard dealer. The vendor had multiple accusations of “mislabeling” products, failing to complete orders, and receiving various independent reports that WallStreetBet products contained fentanyl… This came from multiple products labelled “heroin” or “oxycodone” and contained lethal levels. This meant that victims who weren’t aware could have overdosed on his product. 

A week ago, the vendor was called out one final time before ASAP hit the nail on the head. 

In a post titled “Which Markets Defend Fent Dealers like Wallstreetbets?” by /u/TrippSitter

The  ASAP user complained that ASAP would even defend and allow Wallstreetbets to continue. 

“After reaching out to most market makers regarding Wallstreetbets’ negative reviews, it seems that ASAP/Bohemia/Incognito defend his antics because they make the markets money. At this point, everybody knows his products are laced; it’s just a matter of who will do anything about it.

He is NOT the only fent/zene dealer on these platforms, but he does post the most on Dread about his “heroin”…”

ASAP Market Bans Darknet Fentanyl Vendors

Iceheap replied shortly after saying

“We have made the decision to disallow the WallStreetBets vendor from our market ensuring better quality and service for our users”

WallStreetBets is the most famous vendor to take the hit, but other vendors took the ban wave aswell. This included “Winamax” an established carding vendor who has been accused of selective scamming various victims. 

To announce the wave ban, LeChacal, ASAP ‘Head of Operation,’ posted on Dread

“After long discussions and a deep research we decided to disallow wallstreetbet and winamax from our site. Personally, I don’t have anything against these two vendors positive feedbacks are still higher than negative feedbacks. However, the dispute rates are getting higher and higher and day by day new users are complaining about selective scamming and low quality products.”

LeChacal, ASAP ‘Head of Operation,’ on Dread

At the same time some lesser-known vendors lost their positions in the ASAP market, and the team have continued to crack down on Fentanyl and bad vendors.

One process they seem to be doing is reaching out to users on Dread. Just last week u/Iceheap created a post requesting information on “DoctorSmurf” to ensure he’s a vendor worth keeping on the ASAP platform. 

Conclusion: Fentanyl Is The Focus

A widely accepted rule on Darknet Markets is that all Fentanyl sales are banned. Not only does the US Government have a heavy focus on these drugs, but it’s the most deadly Opioid out there, alongside some strains of oxycontin. In 2022 alone, more than 75,000 Americans overdosed and died from Fentanyl.

ASAP Market should be commended for their fight against a drug that claims countless lives.