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Incognito Market: A Darknet Market, A Forum, And Now An Exchange

Antinalysis Incognitos New Exchange
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Incognito Market is doing its best to become a one-stop shop for all. It’s trying to build itself into the center of the darknet… and we love it! Here’s how a top-tier Darknet market chose to create its own XMR exchange after being selectively scammed. A step to an unbeatable empire.

Don’t Selective Scam A Market Admin

According to Pharoah, Incognito’s head admin, he used “FixedFloat,” the go-to no-KYC exchange for all darknet users. The website used to claim “pure anonymity” but, under the pressures of regulators, started to back off and include new policies that darknet users can’t accept. 

According to FixedFloat ToS, they “reserve the right to request information on any deposits, and can request documentation if deemed necessary.” Essentially, they’ve thrown away what made them valuable. 

Taking things up a notch, FixedFloat selective scammed Pharoah. Pharoah made a 1 BTC deposit to the website. He had planned a “hot wallet rebalance.” This ensures a fair amount of funds are available for customers and vendors to withdraw from their balance at all stages. 

The idea behind FixedFloat is that as you send through funds, the exchange is made, and the relative amount of exchanged crypto is sent to a provided wallet address. It should take a couple of minutes at most. 

Unfortunately for Pharoah, he did not receive his XMR. There was no warning of any issues, just missing funds. 

Pharoah opened a ticket with the FixedFloat team, and they replied with the following message. 

“We received word from our exchange partner that your crypto were obtained through illegal proceedings. Please provide proof of funds.”


Pharoah took to Dread and Libre to inform the world of this sneaky scam pulled by FixedFloat. 

Warning: Got fucked by FixedFloat

Converted large amounts over FixedFloat over the years, never had an issue. Approximately one hour ago, 1 BTC was sent to their exchange for hot wallet rebalancing. XMR didn’t come out the other end, and turned out to be confiscated.

Their support replied with: “We received word from our exchange partner that your crypto were obtained through illegal proceedings. Please provide proof of funds.”

Careful everyone!”

Incognito admin Pharoah on Dread

Introducing Antinalysis

Just a few days after his post, Pharoah announced a “new and innovative” BTC to XMR exchange service. A service where KYC has no place and where fees are lower than ever before. 

Using a new isolated BTC address system, Antinalysis eliminates coin splitting and provides a new sort of anonymity for user funds. Pharoah believes this system “is reshaping the cryptocurrency exchange landscape.”

What makes Antinalysis unique?

Antinalysis utilizes a unique approach to maintaining privacy and security. They generate a unique BTC address for each exchange offer and fix the amounts, ensuring that the entire balance in that address is exchanged. 

Ultimately, they minimize the risks associated with tainted coins and safeguard transactions. Additionally, Antinalysis has remarkably low fees for a no-KYC exchange.

There’s a 0.5% fee on the maker’s side (BTC to XMR) and zero fees from the taker. Additionally, the small fee can be seen as additional privacy as transactions aren’t 1:1.

Antinalysis pool offerings

It’s quite a simple process. One user initiates an exchange offer by sending the BTC, and the second user will see the offer and take it. Once the second user sends their XMR to the exchange, there is an automatic process where both users receive their funds. 

Should nobody take your offer, it’s automatically canceled and refunded. You only lose network fees in this. 

After testing this service out, we were impressed by its speed and simplicity. So, if you’re looking to try out a top-tier and new no-KYC exchange. Who not try Incognito’s P2P Antinalysis?

Incognito Market: Rising to the Top

incognito market login

Incognito Market opened shop back in 2021 as a drug market. It wasn’t a quick rise to the top, but opening up to users worldwide made it a great place for vendors to work. Within a few months, the website gathered 200+ vendors, and 3K listings. They offered other established vendors free entry and only charged $300 to new vendors. In this Incognito market guide, I’ve explained everything in detail. You might check that out if you want.

What I like the most about Incognito market is they kept their customer support going well, have little downtime, and as a result, have steadily grown into the market they are today. While larger markets like Torrez, World, Dark0de, AlphaBay, and Hydra have fallen, the Incognito market picked up pieces with no controversies in site. 

The admin had all his ducks in a row, and when a solution was needed, they provided it. 

Libre Forum

Libre Forum

A couple of months we reported on the creation of “Libre,” a new darknet forum created in the midst of a failing Dread Forum. While Paris and HugBunt3r struggled to get Dread back up and running, Incognito took captive at the opportunity. Hundreds of darknet users who couldn’t find a valid place to contact others found refuge in Libre. 

Opportunistic is the word that describes Incognito Markets admin. Today we have introduced a new and fantastic service for all users who want to keep their funds private at all costs.

Conclusion: Antinalysis Is A Great Exchange!

We love how Pharoah and his team at Incognito have built their empire. They have stuck behind the scenes, scooped up people along the way, and grown. They’re innovative and opportunistic. The creation of Antinalysis was fasting thinking and solving a new problem.

That being said, there aren’t enough users on the platform just yet. Currently, there’s a single offer in the exchange pool waiting to be grabbed. For the exchange to be effective, Pharoah needs to grab some money out of his wallet and start advertising.